You're an Withdrawn Dreamer!

Withdrawn dreamers are artists—quiet, introverted, and introspective. They enjoy spending lots of time by themselves and feel uncomfortable in large groups. Examples of Biblical withdrawn dreamers are: King David, Luke, Thomas, the disciple of Jesus and the Apostle John.

Withdrawn Dreamer Strengths:

  • They don’t overtly seek attention and don’t wish to assert themselves much.
  • They feel uncomfortable taking charge or in competition, so they love to serve.
  • Instead, they feel excited by their own imagination and creativity.
  • They have a sense of being different from others and not being part of their environment.

Withdrawn Dreamer Constraints:

  • Under stress, they can withdraw from the world and into their inner space and imagination. This can keep them isolated and need to be pulled out.
  • They contemplate and refine their ideas by themselves.
  • They will not present their ideas or assert themselves until they are very confident in their position. They tend to be perfectionists
  • These people move away from others (withdraw) to get their needs met.

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