You're a Compliant Dreamer!

Compliant dreamers are responsible, dedicated and want to do what’s expected of them. They will do what they believe is best, even if it means sacrificing their own wants. Examples of Biblical compliant dreamers include: Apostle Paul, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, John the Apostle, Ruth and Peter.

Compliant Dreamer Strengths:

  • They are committed to their promises, working hard to finish what they said they would do.
  • They live from a perspective of “there is always work to do” (and they would feel guilty resting when there is work to do).
  • These people work great in groups. When the rules or procedures are agreed upon within that structure, they work tirelessly.

Compliant Dreamer Constraints:

  • They can have a sense of being a little superior to others, although this characteristic is very subtle.
  • Under stress, they seek advice from their conscience to determine the right thing to do.
  • These people try to obey internalized rules and principles to get what they want, so they are easily distracted by the mess. They want things to be ABC-like, which is not always the way life is.

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