You're an Assertive Dreamer!

Assertive dreamers are independent, extroverted and energetic risk-takers. They know what they want and go directly after it. Some Biblical assertive dreamers are: Moses, Jacob, Barnabas, King Solomon, John the Baptist, and Miriam, the sister of Moses.

Assertive Dreamer Strengths:

  • They are party people who take charge and want to make things happen.
  • They get involved in their environment, meeting life head on, unwilling to withdraw from it.
  • They have a sense of importance and feel that they are central to the important things in their world.
  • These people often see opportunities and try to take advantage of them.

Assertive Dreamer Constraints:

  • When they are stressed, they reinforce their self-importance and push back against obstacles. This sounds great unless the obstacle is a person, or if God is saying no.
  • They are great for initiating projects, but sometimes have a hard time seeing them through to completion.
  • These people insist and demand that their needs are met, and can sometimes plow through people.

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