Soul Food

Soul Food is a 20-day Bible study journey through the four meals in the Bible and how they reveal the four different “soul hungers” we each have. This study feasts on the certainty of God’s Word. Your everyday life will be nourished as you chew on truth.

Dive even deeper into this 20-day experience with the Soul Food book. Although the book is not required to participate in the online study, we highly recommend investing in one as it’s the best way to get the full experience and engage in a deeper way.

This custom designed journal measures 5X8 inches in dimension, with 160 blank, lined pages using high quality paper.

Eat, Pray, Hustle

This whole study is designed to help you understand the attributes of a God Dream. We will uncover what a Dream Chaser looks like and the signs of your greatest dreams revealed. We will expose what Dream Killers look like and what we can do to stay protected.

Eat Pray Hustle is a 20 day Bible study derived from the life of Abraham. He was a man just like us, and he was on the road to his promise. He had a dream deposited in him as a seed, and he was doing everything he could to help it grow. He was eating, praying, and hustling most days… just like many of us!

This custom designed journal measures 5X8 inches in dimension, with 160 blank, lined pages using high quality paper.

The Good Stuff

In this four-part series, I invite you to explore what God’s Word has to say about four key areas in our lives: our mind, our will, our words, and our enemy. When we are fully engaged in these areas,
we can’t help but finish well.

The Good Stuff study is a 20-day guidebook to finishing strong! Many of us are great at starting things, but not so fantastic at finishing them. In Hebrews 12, it says we are to strip down, start running and never quit!  So, how do we do this?

Radical growth is possible. It’s a life that’s within your reach! This practical guidebook will give you daily access to begin your own journey of living a radical and vibrant life!

Radical Growth

The pathway to the radical growth you’re wanting is not complex. It’s not some unattainable, envy-provoking vision or dream meant to torment you with its impossibility. However—let’s be honest, no one has a vibrant life by accident. No one has a flourishing garden unintentionally.

I Do Hard Things

Whatever season you may be in, doing hard things is more than just getting through them or trying to avoid them. Havilah will help you understand how to face trials head on and break free of paralyzing fear and pain.

Designed to go alongside the 4-part teaching series, but easily usable as a stand alone resource as well, there are short daily devotional readings as well as practical exercises & activities to empower you to put the teaching into practice.