Questions for clarity + community.

Video and written guidance, open to everyone.



This is more than just a book club — this is about finding your source of strength, and getting YOUR spiritual power back.


The Stronger Than The Struggle is a free bundle of 14 videos + a written guide + a global community. PLUS… you don’t need to buy the book to join the conversation. I just want to get more people thinking and talking about their search for a Spirit-filled living.


STRONGER THAN THE STRUGGLE. Shared. Discussed. Inspiring, sobering, practical, and comforting — alone and together. Have real conversations about your spiritual battles and the things holding you back from living a spiritually vibrant life. We’ll dive deep into the Word. Look at your big questions — and where they collide with the profound and practical truth. Stories of strength. God’s solutions for a world in struggle and extraordinary power available to each of us. In your journal — or in your living room with friends, at your church retreat, or follow online along with me and the book club community.


Free for everyone. See what’s included:

Stronger Than The Struggle Video Chapter Guide


+ 14 video segments where I slightly unpack a few truths from each chapter of the Strong Than The Struggle book. Each video gives you two to three questions to explore. Follow along with me in the online community, or watch on your own, or with a group of friends.

See Chapter Guide
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    Chapter 1
    Spiritual Warfare in Real Life:

    It’s not what you think

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    Chapter 2
    Two Camps:

    Are you obsessed with or ignorant about the Devil?

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    Chapter 3
    A Fight Worth Fighting:

    Transformation is a Process…Don’t Give Up

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    Chapter 4
    An Angel with a God Complex:

    The Mastered Art of Faulty Power

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    Chapter 5
    Satan Comes to Steal:

    Distraction and Misdirection

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    Chapter 6
    Satan Comes to Kill:

    The Choice for Courage or Fear

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    Chapter 7
    Satan Comes to Destroy:

    Truth Speaks a Better Word

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    Chapter 8
    Know the Word:

    Using the Ultimate Weapon of Warfare

  • null

    Chapter 9 Everyday Battles, Everyday Wins:

    We can all do Something

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    Chapter 10 Satan Comes to Kill:

    The Choice for Courage or Fear

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    Chapter 11 Uncomplicating Your Spiritual Battle:

    Is it Supernatural or Practical?

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    Chapter 12 Stronger than the Struggle:

    Keeping our eyes on Eternity



This is more than a “book” club. This is a community of like-minded, Jesus following, friends who want to live stronger than the struggles they face. From the daily, regular stuff, to the miraculous, supernatural realities. From the local to the global. This is for people eager to have a conversation about God, define their struggles, and the power available to them. Those who are hungry for a spiritual life that works.



Our printable book club guide breaks down the content into a customizable schedule, includes conversation questions, journal prompts, and tips on how to develop your experience — whether you do this experience solo, gather a group of friends in your living room or follow along with our online community. Print it out and pass it around. It’s my gift to you!

I’m not one for making big motivational promises,
but honestly… I know you need this.


Because my community needs it. My girlfriends and man-friends need it. My kids need it. Every time I have one of those spiritually, meaningful conversations with someone about what’s actually going on in our spirit world, and how I’ve learned to uncomplicate this spiritual battle…I feel alive. And less alone. And we all leave with truth to encourage us to keep on going. And we end up feeling stronger, believing more of what God said is true.  


Conversations help us discover what we believe and unpack clarity about our journey. We need to ask better questions. Talk about our spiritual lives together and never stop our quest for truth.




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