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A New Take on Purpose, Timing and Option Fatigue


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Watch, listen and learn as Havilah guides and helps you uncover your unique purpose that's within you.


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Life is Short and your Calling is Great

Purpose is a hot topic today, and it seems everyone is trying to find out why they were put on the earth. An entire generation is searching and hungry to know their purpose. In this Purpose Course you'll learn that your purpose is something you already carry within you, and that it just needs to be uncovered with God.

We’ll explore three reasons behind the difficulty in finding your purpose, and cast vision for the steps to discover the purpose that is already residing inside of you. Once it’s acknowledged, developed, and refined; you’ll become a person of purpose!


What You'll Learn


Learn your “purpose timeline” - discovering the hand of God that’s been with you all along.


The power of your past + spiritual encounters and how they're linked


Exploring your spiritual gifts and natural talents


Core values and how they serve your true purpose


The Power of Relational History


Discover your “dreamer personality”


Define your current purpose season so you can move forward confidently


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  • 8 video activations
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Questions & answers

Will I receive this resource in the mail?

No. The Purpose Course is 100% digital, meaning you will have access via the web.

What happens after I purchase the course?

After submitting your order, you’ll get an email with your username and password. You will be able to watch the video lessons, download the course guide, and access all other content. You’ll also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

Can I download the course?

No, however the course is available to stream online anywhere at any time.

Who is the Group option for?

You can have up to 50 people access the course through the Group option. This is a great option for small groups, businesses, and churches. The individual option is for single user or household use. Note: If you would like to have more than 50 people go through the course, please contact us for special pricing.

What if this course doesn’t meet my needs?

We offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee. If you buy the Purpose Course and don’t feel like it was worth the investment, we will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. If it’s within thirty days of your purchase date, contact us to receive your refund.

Are my credit/debit card details secure?

Yes, they are 100% secure. All payments are processed through our PCI-compliant payment processor.

Do I get access to the course all at once or is it release over time?

You will instantly receive access to all the lessons in the course. This is for your convenience—you can go at your own pace!

What if I have a question or need support?

We are here to help. Check out the Help Center for answers to most questions, if you still have a question, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.