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How to Plan Your Year

Even if you hate planning, think goals are dumb, and would rather not be reminded that it's 2022.

Join Havilah Cunnington and special guest Shawn Blanc to walk through the basics of planning, goal setting, and focus.


WEDNESDAY, 1/5 at 10:30AM PST


What You'll Learn

  • The sweet spot of your time & your values: Are you spinning your wheels? Are you frustrated? Or are you thriving?
  • Goals vs systems: which is the right one to focus on?
  • How to make daily progress on your goals.
  • Get clear on the change you want to see in 2022.
  • Use this framework for your monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

Everyone who joins us live will get a copy of our popular Procrastinator's Guide to Progress and our handy Show Up Every Day worksheet.


About Shawn

👋 Hello. My name is Shawn and I am honored to be your host and guide for all things Focus, Time Management, and getting out of overwhelm.

For nearly 20 years, I have been learning and teaching about creativity, diligence, and focus. I’ve spoken about these topics at conferences and workshops; I've taught them to private groups and one-on-one clients; and my online courses have helped tens of thousands of people improve their focus and productivity, do their best creative work, and thrive in the midst of life's tensions.


About Havilah

Hey there! Havilah here. When I'm not wrangling up my four boys to get in the car or figuring out where my bear-sized Goldendoodle just ran off to, you can find me uncomplicating biblical truth and activating the Spirit-led female around the world, and well, right here across the screen from you.

I'm a Bible teacher, author, educator, and Women's Pastor at Bethel Church, but my favorite title I've ever been given is my kid's mom. My husband, Ben, and I lead a nonprofit in Redding, California called Truth to Table. We're obsessed with teaching the world through Bible studies, messages, and lifestyle leadership tools. If you're ever in town and hear someone screaming the names Judah, Hudson, Grayson, Beckham, or Barkley - don't worry, it's just me, the boys, and the dog. Come say hi!