Online Course

Online Course

You Will Learn

Lifelong Equipping

Biblical principles that equip your children in many different areas of their lives including sexuality

Age Appropriate

How to talk to your children at their appropriate age and maturity level

God's Design

How the science of sex aligns with God’s design for it

There are a lot of places your child can hear about sex.

We think the best place is from you.

We believe you are the best person to talk to your kids about sex. We want you to be the one who shapes their view of themselves, God, and their sexuality. We talk about how to answer the difficult questions and how to start a conversation that continues on and ultimately leads them into a healthy, whole life. This e-course features focused content for parents of 2-11 year olds and 12-18 year olds.

This Course Includes



Sessions with



Q&A Panels For Children
and For Teens



Interviews w/ Danny Silk
+ Brittany Serpell

Session 1: Creating Healthy Families

Session 2: Raising Your Children With Biblical Principles

Session 3: Structured vs. Spontaneous Moments

Session 4: The Purpose of Sex

Session 5: The Science of Sex

Session 6: 5 Key Areas of Development

Q&A Panel For Children (2-11 Years Old)

Q&A Panel For Teens (12-18 Years Old)

Loving On Purpose Interviews

Hot Topic Videos

+ Bonus Material



group course

+ 12 video lessons

+ 12 video activations

+ 12 video pep talks

+ Course guide

+ Access to community forums

+ Declarations download

+ MP3 lesson downloads

+ Leader’s guide

+ Lesson transcripts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course available to international users?

Yes! Because this is an online, digital course, it is available worldwide.

How does the course work?

When the course is launched, all twelve lessons will be released right away which includes 12 video lessons, 12 activation videos, 12 encouragement videos and a downloadable Course Guide and Live Q + A. Just log into Truth to Table to access each week’s content and engage in the community forum. Because you have access to the entire course contents right away, you can start anytime you’d like and go at your own pace.

How long does the course take to complete?

Each session is roughly 25 minutes long. How much time you decide to invest in the activation/encouragement videos, workbook additional materials and group discussion is completely up to you. We’d estimate a total of 8 hours to complete the course.

How long will I have access to course?

You will have lifetime access to this course!

How is the group study different from the individual study?

The group study option includes an additional leader’s guide and viewing for up to 50 people. As facilitator, you will arrange in person meetings with your group and complete the courses together through your facilitator login. The leader is the only one to have login access to this e-course and the group is to view the e-course lessons in the ‘in person’ gatherings.

I purchased an individual study and want to upgrade to a group study, can you help me?

Absolutely! Just contact us and we will be happy to make the switch for you.