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Do you struggle with Thoughts Like ...

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    I feel like time is running out to do something great with life.

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    I want to grow spiritually but feel like I'm spinning my wheels.

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    Solo Bible studies and Youtubing messages are inspiring, but I'm not seeing actual change in my life.

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    I hear about spiritual mentors and mamas but don’t have one.

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    I'm a leader and influencer others look to, but want to be challenged myself.

I know reading my Bible brings spiritual growth, but I need the exponential growth that only comes through community and a plan for easy action.

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In a demanding world where life can feel insignificant, Truth Academy exists to help uncomplicate biblical truth and activate the Spirit-led woman.

The Truth Academy

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I believe 8-minutes a day can change your life.

No matter what age or stage of life, I’ve learned that carving out 8-minutes a day to learn and live what you’ve been taught will radically transform your life. If you’re tired of living spiritually empty, crave a Spirit-led community, and know there’s more to the Christian life you’ve been living, then Truth Academy has a seat for you.

Through jam-packed, laugh-out-loud, real-life teachings, I’ll help you get from point A to point B because I’m convinced, more than ever, that we can experience the abundant life John 10:10 talks about on this side of Heaven. You in?


Hey there! Havilah here. When I’m not wrangling up my four boys to get in the car or figuring out where my bear-sized Goldendoodle just ran off to, you can find me uncomplicating biblical truth and activating the Spirit-led female around the world, and well, right here across the screen from you.

I’m a Bible teacher, author, educator, and itinerant speaker at Bethel Church, but my favorite title I’ve ever been given is my kid’s mom. My husband, Ben, and I lead a nonprofit in Redding, California called Truth to Table. We’re obsessed with teaching the world through Bible studies, messages, and lifestyle leadership tools. If you’re ever in town and hear someone screaming the names Judah, Hudson, Grayson, Beckham, or Bear - don’t worry, it’s just me, the boys, and the dog. Come say hi!

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“The Table Tribe has changed my life in so many ways but the biggest change has been encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone to pursue the call the Lord has placed on my life!”

Dawn Wing – Academy Member

“If you want fantastic spiritual growth, this is the place to be! ”

Aaron Deonarine – Academy Member

“I can honestly say that after a year I have more confidence in my relationship with Christ AND I can feel the joy of life again.”

Michelle Vandusen – Academy Member

“My biggest challenge was finding time to grow spiritually. I knew that I needed to do something to stay strong spiritually and that’s why I love the Table Tribe Membership. It offers Bible studies and teachings that you can do in the comfort of your home and now I’m living a more balanced life filled with intention.”

Lisa Chamberlain – Academy Member


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Guided Monthly Video Bible Studies

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Downloadable Study Guides + Full Length E-Books

Private Facebook Community

Over 200+ Video Lessons

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